Catagorizing Malware & General Safety

From here on out if you use give samples of “Malware”

  • please put them in a .zip file so that there’s no need for others to install random programs such as Winrar or 7zip to unpack your files.

  • Passwords are required to prevent stupidity. Also to keep it simple: Use Infected as your password. This is industry standard.

  • Categorize your thread use [Malware type here] so if you got WannaCry Ransomware: do [RANSOMWARE] Wannacry this just makes it easier to search by

  • Don’t upload reports, or files from certain “Groups or Individuals” I’m not going to hold back but: Jonthandata1 is a fraud of the infosec/Mobile Spyware Community. Avoid his or his trolls reports on Pegasus Malware. Citizen’s lab or Amesty International are great. There’s a lot of documentation & yes there’s more than just JD1 but he’s about the biggest example.

As for safety:

  • Use a VM
  • Use a VPN
  • Don’t run this on your main network, please use youtube or google to learn net safety
  • Don’t run scripts you have without understanding them
  • Most of you aren’t some 20+ Year veteran so don’t act like it.
  • Some state sponsored malware is very sophisticated so you shouldn’t touch it.
  • Get a dedicated machine for your VMs if possible.

So, is there a way to know who “certain groups or individuals” are? (other than JD1) Seems like a pretty vague rule.