Is your device infected with malware?

Is your device infected with malware? Follow these posting guidelines to get the best support from the community.

We’ll need a detailed explanation of what symptoms your device is showing. As there are many different types of malware, it will help us greatly if you can describe what’s going on, along with any actions you took before the symptoms occurred.

If you have downloaded any suspicious files, or clicked on any shady links, please tell us. This can speed up the process of removal if we can pinpoint the origin of the infection, and what exactly it is.

When posting a request, title your post correctly, and make sure to format your post so others can read it easily.

A title should quickly explain what you need, then the post should explain symptoms, what you did, and if you’ve done anything to try and remove the malware already.
Before making a request, we recommend downloading Malwarebytes and running a full system scan.

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